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  Tillers and Rotavators
Powerful Honda easy-start engines ensure that these tillers will make light work of a wide range of
lawn care and horticultural tasks.
Deadman's handles are fitted as standard, stopping the machine immediately the handle is
A range of accessories is available. Ask us for details.




FJ500 SER   F220   F720   FR750


FG110 FG201 FJ500 SER F220 F720 FR750
 Max tilling width 230mm 300mm 900mm 545mm 900mm 510mm
 Max tilling depth 203mm 230mm 300mm 280mm 360mm 326mm
 Engine size 25cc 49cc 163cc 57.3cc 196cc 196cc
 Engine power 0.61kW 1.3kW 3.4kW 1.5kW 4.1kW 4.1kW
 Folding handles Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
 Weight 13kg 17kg 57kg 30kg 88kg 97hp
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